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REITER ENGINEERING is the worldwide exclusive manufacturer of Lamborghini GT1 and GT3 racecars as well as Camaro GT3 racecars. The company is certified by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of GT3 racecars.

The core business lies in the development of Lamborghini and Camaro racecars, in the refinement and individualisation of Lamborghini road cars as well as in the service of Lamborghini race and road cars and of Camaro GT3 racecars.

Over 100 customers – from gentlemen drivers to professional race teams – around the globe race successfully with Lamborghini racecars and, since 2014, with the SaReNi Camaro GT3 from the REITER ENGINEERING stable. The majority compete in the following race series’: FIA GT Series (formerly FIA GT1 World Championship), FIA GT3 European Championship, Blancpain Endurance Series, International GT Open, European Le Mans Series, ADAC GT Masters (Germany), German GT Championship, Australian GT Championship, Belgian GT Championship (formerly Belcar), Brazilian GT Championship, British GT Championship, French GT Championship, Italian GT Championship, Spanish GT Championship.


This is what we represent and what distinguishes Reiter Engineering:

  • Outstanding expertise in the development, design and manufacture of GT3 racecars
    • Our comprehensive knowledge in the field of automobile technology and design (see history) form the foundation for the exceptional solutions; 
    • From motorsport for motorsport: the wealth of experience gathered by the Reiter Engineering race team from GT3 motorsport enables Reiter Engineering to further refine these exceptional solutions from which its customers subsequently benefit.
  • Reliability: as trustworthy partner, Reiter Engineering delivers its racecars, equipment, spare parts and services rapidly, reliably and it high-quality
  • Consistency: Reiter Engineering’s top priority is the consistent, responsible and sustainable cooperation with its customers
  • Responsibility: as one of the leading manufacturers in GT3 motorsport, Reiter Engineering is fully aware of its responsibility towards its customers and employees; ingenious technical solutions guaranteeing customer safety are the target for Reiter Engineering


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