reiter engineering joins gt4 europe, central & belgium

2018 GT4 European Series
It comes as no surprise that after two years of participating in the GT4 European (northern) series, Reiter Engineering plans to be back in 2018, this time fighting for the overall title!
In the previous two years Reiter entered the series with 8 KTM X-bow GT4’s, as part of the successful Reiter Young Stars project. In 2016 RYS team Hohenberg and its drivers Mads Siljehaug & Maciej Dreszer finish 2nd  overall and In 2017 RYS Team Kiska & driver Lenny Marioneck finished 3rd overall in the GT4 Championship. Sporting director Tomas Enge adds: " These successes are even more valuable due to the fact that in both cases our drivers did not participate in all rounds of the championship. Therefore i'm sure that we can be very successful in the upcoming season of the GT4 European Series where we will participate in all races with a lot of knowledge and experience which we have gained in previous years."
With this in mind Reiter Engineering enters four KTM X-Bow GT4’s into the complete 2018 GT4 European Series with the intention of taking on both the Silver and Pro-AM categories!

2018 GT4 Central European Series
The announcement of a GT4 Central European Series comes as pleasing news to Reiter. As Hans Reiter says, "The biggest advantage is that the greater majority of the calendar visits circuits within reasonable distance of the Reiter Engineering home base located in Kirchanschöring, Germany. This fact guarantees our drivers attractive budgets, valuable circuit knowledge and data accumulated by the team in the past years. " Within this championship Reiter enters four KTM X-bow GT4's to participate and fight for the title in both the Pro-Am and Am categories!
2018 GT4 Belgium
As the GT4 Belgian calendar is a combination of GT4 Europe and GT4 Central races, Reiter is certainly considering entering their cars to be a contender for the Belgian Championship.


Partners of Reiter Engineering

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