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Macau GT Cup: Lamborghini LP560 GT3 ahead – sensational pole for Keita Sawa (LKM-SPS Team sponsored by Blancpain)

Macau (MAC)/ Kirchanschöring - Keita Sawa (JP) continues exactly where he has finished last year. The winner of 2009 clearly secures pole position on the very challenging track in of 57th. Grand Prix of Macau even ahead of factory backed Audi teams. It’s a sensational pole for Japanese driver Keita Sawa and team LKM-SPS sponsored by Blancpain.

The 6,2 km long track with fast straights and narrow corners does not leave any space for mistakes. Sawa has set his best lap time in his LKM-SPS Gallardo (sponsored by Blancpain) already in the first lap just at the beginning of the Qualifying.

“This was exactly my strategy from the beginning“, said Keita Sawa. “I knew the session will be interrupted by several red flags on this track. Thereof, I have configured by set-up so that I can do best laps right from the beginning. So, after the start I kept pushing – and this worked well. Actually the track was really blocked by several accidents afterwards as expected.”

About 4,9s was the advantage for Keita Sawa and his SPS-LKM team sponsored by Blancpain over the factory backed Audi R8 LMS. Meanwhile, the Macau Grand Prix in its 57th edition has become the most important motorsport event in Asia. Apart from the GT cup the 150.000 spectators can watch the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) as well as Formula3 GP.


The main race is on Sunday, 21. November at 10.05 local time

Qualifying results:


1. Keita Sawa                                     Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.25,386 Min.

2. Marchy Lee                                    Audi R8 LMS                                                     2.30,295 Min.

3. Danny Watts                                  Audi R8 LMS                                                     2.31,798 Min.

4. Samson Chan                                 Ginetta G50Z                                                      2.32,378 Min.

5. Rodolfo Avila                                 Porsche 997 GT3                                               2.32,507 Min.

6. Tunku Hammam Sulong            Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.33,834 Min.

7. Mok Weng Sun                              Porsche 997 GT3                                               2.35,207 Min.

8. Richard Meins                                Audi R8 LMS                                                     2.35,940 Min.

9. Frank Yu                                         Ginetta G50Z                                                      2.36,158 Min.

10. Dilanthas Malagamuwa           Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.36,745 Min.

11. Mak Hing Tak                            Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.38,128 Min.

13. Kevin Tse                                     Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.39,587 Min.

15. Eddie Yau Jr.                              Lamborghini Gallardo GT3                         2.43,007 Min.

16. Lai Tak Seng                               Lamborghini Gallardo LP560                     2.43,221 Min.

17. Siu Yuk Lung                              Lamborghini Gallardo GT3                         2.43,433 Min.

29. Fung Yui Sum                             Lamborghini Gallardo GT3                         2.57,329 Min.

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