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Brazil’s Ricardo Zonta is a former FIA GT Champion and two-time FIA GT1 World Championship race winner for Reiter Lamborghini this season.

Here he describes a lap of Interlagos, scene of the penultimate round of the championship on 26-28 November.

"The main straight is uphill and braking for the first corner is quite heavy, which is a second gear corner and you are completely downhill, left and right. As you go to the right you get back on the throttle for full throttle.

"You then do a long left hander, changing up through the gears and flat on the throttle. The back straight isn't so long but it is very bumpy in the braking zone. I think the top speed on the main straight will be 240kmh or a little higher.

"The next corner is a third gear corner and quickly back on the throttle at the exit as we move through the next smooth left hander, which is taken flat, and then we approach the next right hand corner, which is a fourth gear, uphill corner.

"It is a very long corner and it is very difficult to balance the car here because on entry the car feels very light as you go up the hill and then it is light again as you brake for the next right hand corner.

"Then you go left, downhill again, which is a long corner in second gear. All of this complex is taken in second gear and there are more bumps as you brake for the right-hand corner, so you can't brake so hard here because of these bumps.

"After the series of second gear corners you get back on the throttle for the next left hand corner, which is down hill in fourth or fifth gear, which can be taken nearly flat.

"A short straight to the next corner, which is also a second gear corner and it’s very important to have a good exit here because after this we have the long straight up the hill to the start/finish line. You have nearly 700 metres on the straight up hill and that is a lap of Interlagos.

"The overtaking opportunities on this circuit are on the main straight because it is so long and the engines will make a big difference there.

"I think this track will be quite good for the Lamborghini; there are some good corners for traction and some medium speed corners which will suit our car. I think the Brazilian fans will love the GT1 World Championship

"We are very happy that we have a professional and experienced team for the FIA GT3 european championship with Leipert Motorsport. I am certain that Ingos team will be able to fight for the title", Hans Reiter comments.


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